Our Eyes are On You by Dr. Bob Sawvelle

Our Eyes Are On You

Author: Bob Sawvelle

Prayer is communion. Prayer elevates our lives in Christ beyond the temporal. In prayer, we discover new depths of relationship with our Savior. His faith, alive within, empowers prayer. Effective prayer is fueled by resolute faith. It’s a faith that sees through the darkness, because it sees Him. Faith that is anchored in Jesus and His Word is a faith that prays until mountains move.

There is no quick formula to becoming a person of great faith and prayer. However, God’s Word contains principles that will position you to grow in prevailing faith and prayer. Jesus promised, “ask, and it shall be given you,” which means He intends for you and me to be confident in the asking! Are you ready to journey with Jesus into a life of audacious faith, believing in the impossible, and impacting the world through prayer?

Our Eyes are On You will provide you important principles from God’s Word, personal stories, and the testimony of others to empower your faith and confidence in prayer. God’s love and power make a difference and growing in faith and prayer will impact your life and the world around you. God desires all His people to prevail in faith and prayer!

Our Eyes are On You - Bob Sawvelle
Prayer. Always an imperative. Always a now word. Always a game changer. There is a call of the Spirit going out to the church to return to first things and do what we once understood was essential and non-negotiable. One of those first essential and non-negotiable things is believing, persistent prayer. Many are responding with a fresh cry, “Lord, teach us to pray!” In his book Our Eyes are On You, Bob Sawvelle has written a timely and weighty answer to the call and to that cry. This book not only gives a solid foundation to the beginner, but also invites the mature into deeper faith and supernatural adventure. Wherever you find yourself on the prayer spectrum, here is a book to kickstart, renew and perhaps reform your prayer life.

Dr. Kim Maas, International Speaker
Founder/CEO Kim Maas Ministries, Woman of our Time, Ten35Productions

Author of Prophetic Community: God’s Call for All to Minister in His Gifts (Chosen Books, 2019)

…We all pass through the valley of unbelief; the cause of our faith-drain varies by circumstances and past experiences. We have learned to look to the Lord when everything around us devolves through the deep entropic process set in motion by the fall. Our eyes lift to our loving God, “Help me, Father.”
We cry with waning faith, knowing in our inner knower that God hears our cries. At this moment of rising despair, nothing makes sense in the flesh, yet everything is clear in the spirit. God is working it out.
Our brilliant star of faith shines brightest when we look to the giver of light. The distance from the horizon to the heavens is bridged by the simple faith required to tilt our head with quiet confidence.
As you turn the pages of Our Eyes are On You by Pastor Bob Sawvelle, I believe you will pause often to make such a tilt. Your heart will cry out as your knowing stimulates faith-filled awe.
Your journey through my friend’s wise words will be filled with many such moments to pause and reflect. Praise and bask in His presence. Keep your journal and pencil at hand. Try to capture what you feel as you read about the wonders of how God blesses your path. Keep your Bible nearby and read Scripture alongside the pages of this book.
Don’t be in a hurry to finish this nourishing buffet. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Lift your eyes.

Dr. Steve Greene
Publisher and executive vice president of the multimedia group at Charisma Media and executive producer of the Charisma Podcast Network. His Charisma House book, Love Leads, shows that without love, you cannot be an effective leader. Download his Greenelines podcast at cpnshows.com
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