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I had the joy this past weekend to see my three grandchildren with their families in Florida. One of the many highlights of the weekend visit was going to the beach for a couple of hours Sunday afternoon with my son-in-law Andrew and 3-year-old granddaughter Blake and 4-year-old grandson Aston. Like most kids, they love the beach, especially playing in the sand. They both wanted to build sand castles, and at their age, Grandpa was architect extraordinaire! They both were proud of their architectural accomplishments yesterday—and I was equally proud of them.

Have you ever noticed that almost every child thinks they are an artist or architect by age five?  Some boys are convinced they will be the next major league all-star player, and some girls think they are ballerinas! It’s this “childlike faith” operating in their lives that has them convinced that all things in life are possible.

In like manner, Jesus told us that if we were to receive from Him, we must come to Him as a little child. Little children usually don’t question or doubt, they take people and God at their word. It’s this simple trust that enables God to move in power for children, and for all who are childlike in their faith. Jesus said, “All things are possible to him who believes.”

My afternoon at the beach with the grandkids reminded me of the power of childlike faith.  While many debate and wonder if God still does miracles today, I watched a ten-year-old boy a few years ago share a story of a miracle that happened in his life and for his dad. His mother drove from Virginia to Florida to be part of worship services, because they had heard that many were being healed there. It turns out that the boy had a large tumor growing on his body. After receiving prayer, the growth completely disappeared! Right here we could stop the story, and thank God for His love and grace to heal the boy—but it gets much better!

After the meeting, the boy asked his mom if she would call his dad back in Virginia so that he could pray for him. His father was completely deaf in his left ear, and the doctors said that nothing would cure him, not even surgery. The boy, however, had simple faith that just as God healed him of the tumor, God would heal his father of the deaf ear. Mom called the father on the cell phone, the boy asked his father to place the cell phone on his left ear, and then began to pray for his dad for his ear to be open. Within in a couple of minutes, dad’s left ear was completely healed — a second miracle had occurred!

One boy had childlike faith, and he experienced the love and healing power of Jesus Christ! If God moved in his behalf, he will move in yours, simply come to Him in childlike faith.

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