Made for Posterity

These last few weeks we’ve been discussing “What am I made for?” To summarize, God created us for love, discipleship, purpose, and mission to name a few things. He saved us and empowered us to make a difference in our world. That others might come to know how amazing God is and how loving and forgiving Jesus is.

Today, I want to focus on how God created us for posterity.

Made for Revelation

Over the last few weeks, we’ve looked at key principles to help you discover what you are made for. I trust this series has blessed you! This week I want to continue looking the effectiveness of prevailing prayer. Particularly I want to discuss how hearing from the Lord, receiving His insights or revelation on a matter, builds faith and energizes prayer.

Prison-Opening Prayer

One of the speakers at the Seminary last week was a young Pastor from Burma. He’s going through our doctoral program and hasn’t finished yet, but they had him speak on prayer and it was touching. In fact, he even said, “Please do not take my picture, because of the persecution that we have in Burma.” There was a coup there in Burma a few years ago. They’re burning churches left and right. Almost 90 percent of the nation is Buddhist, and like many nations, there’s a real attack and warfare against the church. They’re persecuted; they’re martyred; it’s a big deal.

Prevailing Prayer

I have been in ministry in some form or another for more than 40 years. I have degrees and am ordained. What I’ve found is that seminaries, books, and study alone won’t make a preacher or minister. What makes you that is a life bathed in prayer.

What Am I Made For? Part 2

What Am I Made For? Part 2 Have you ever failed God? Perhaps you’ve repented for a sin, only to find you just can’t seem to get completely free. Maybe you have vowed to serve God faithfully, only to find failure seems to repeat itself. The truth is, all of us have...

What Am I Made For?: Part 1

What Am I Made For?: Part 1

What Am I Made For? – Part 1 Over the next several weeks, we will look at key principles to help you discover what you are made for. If you are wondering what God has in store for you, I believe this series and the associated sermons will help you! Jesus is approached...

Faith: Perseveres

Faith: Perseveres

Faith: Perseveres Faith that realizes God’s promises perseveres despite the circumstances, delays, and silence of God. Answered prayer and miracles don’t typically come to the timid, but to the bold. Breakthrough comes to those who unashamedly storm the throne room of...

Faith: In Agreement

Faith: In Agreement

Faith: In Agreement Agreement is synergistic. One can chase a thousand, but two can chase ten thousand. Something happens in both the natural and spiritual realms when we come into agreement with others. Agreement is a dimension of unity, but deeper. Agreement is to...

Faith: For Healing

Faith: For Healing

Faith: For Healing  My wife and I just returned from a week of ministry in churches in Sao Palo, Brazil. It was such a wonderful time of ministry in churches as Jesus moved in power in the meetings! This city of 21 million people, named after the Apostle Paul, is...

Faith: Believe, Obey, Expect

Faith: Believe, Obey, Expect

Faith: Believe, Obey, Expect  Looking at the faith of Abraham and Sarah, I want to discuss how faith believes, obeys, and expects. Simply stated, faith is an expectant anticipation of what God has promised. But how do we develop such faith? Let’s dive deeper into this...

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